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Mikes Uti Hera

Call Name: Hera

Date of Birth: February 13, 2013

OFA:  Good

Shoulder Height: 24 inches

Weight: 85 pounds





OFA Hip Cert


Hera joins our breeding program from Mikes Uti Kennel based out of Hungary.  She offers yet another surperb bloodline including Mikes Uti Fancy Pull, CH Larin Van't Rijkenspark and CH Zanzebern Defender!  As a youngster, Hera enjoys going for car rides where SHE gets the entire backseat, playing with her buddy Elsa along with teasing everyone with her toys and swimming.  Many times she likes to go down to our pond to go swimming...and regardless of the temperature!    

Labanc Volgyi Ms. Dolce Aria

Call Name: Aria

Date of Birth: May 21, 2014

OFA: pet only

Shoulder Height: 24 inches

Weight: 90 pounds









Aria has grown into a beautiful girl with outstanding Berner standards.  She is very confident, overly smart and yet she maintains being a "mommy's girl"! She comes from Labanc-Volgyi Kennel in Hungary.  Her bloodline includes Siomenti-Berni Angelina and the handsome Labanc-Volgyi Lucky Guy.

Unna Mio Bersaltyna

Call Name: Unna

Date of Birth: July 26, 2016

OFA:  Good

Shoulder Height: 25

Weight: 110





OFA Hip Cert







We welcome Unna from Bersaltyna Kennel in the Czech Republic.  Her personality has proven to be sweet as ever, very smart, playful and loyal.  We look forward to watching her grow and develop in the years to come!

Evita May Be Queen Elsa

Call Name: Evita

Date of Birth: October 3, 2016

OFA: pending

Shoulder Height: 24

Weight: 100






Evita is our newest addition to Diamond Lake Berners!  We are excited to welcome another quality Berner from the Queen Elsa Kennel in the Czech Republic.  She truely is a devine extention to our kennel.