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Mikes Uti Hera

Call Name: Hera

Date of Birth: February 13, 2013

OFA:  Good

Shoulder Height: 24 inches

Weight: 85 pounds





OFA Hip Cert


Hera joins our breeding program from Mikes Uti Kennel based out of Hungary.  She offers yet another surperb bloodline including Mikes Uti Fancy Pull, CH Larin Van't Rijkenspark and CH Zanzebern Defender! Hera enjoys going for car rides where SHE gets the entire backseat, playing with her buddies along with teasing everyone with her toys and swimming.  Many times she likes to go down to our pond to go swimming...and regardless of the temperature!    

Unna Mio Bersaltyna

Call Name: Unna

Date of Birth: July 26, 2016

OFA:  Good

Shoulder Height: 25

Weight: 100





OFA Hip Cert







We welcome Unna from Bersaltyna Kennel in the Czech Republic.  She has great Berner standards and an excellent pedigree which include CH Mountain Crystal Diamond Extra River and Nanette Bersaltyna. She is sweet-as-ever, sharp, devoted family member and playful.  She relishes when company stops by, loves walking a half of a step ahead of you, but mostly LOVES being with her pal Evita!

Evita Maybe Queen Elsa

Call Name: Evita

Date of Birth: October 3, 2016

OFA: Excellent

Shoulder Height: 24

Weight: 95





OFA Hip Cert

We are excited to welcome Evita from the Queen Elsa Kennel in the Czech Republic.  Her accomplished bloodline includes the stunning Boss Rojaus Bernas and exquisite Vivian Baby Queen Elsa.  She has proven to be a doting Berner, along with an admirable personality.  Evita has grown into an ideal Berner with an OFA hip rating of EXCELLENT! We sure are proud of our quality girl!!

Chania Queen Elsa

Call Name: Nia

Date of Birth: April 6, 2019

OFA: Too Young

Shoulder Height: 25

Weight: 93




Nia is another beauty to join Diamond Lake Berners!  She arrived on June 18th, 2019 from the Czech Republic.  We are excited to have another desirable female dog from the Queen Elsa Kennel with such an top quality bloodline.  Nia has one of the most gentle personalities and tender heart.  She also has developed into an ideal Berner meeting all the standards.

Diamond Lakes Pazza Di Te

Call Name: Azza

Date of Birth: May 18, 2020

OFA: Too Young

Shoulder Height: Too Young

Weight: Too Young




We are SO excited to present one of our own...Diamond Lakes Pazza Di Te!  Azza has a great bloodline that will continue within our kennel.  She caught our eye early on and her vibrant personality made her a 'keeper' and we are CRAZY FOR YOU (meaning of Pazza Di Te)! Join us in watching Azza grow and develop into a bountiful Berner!